Mar 23, 2018

Photographs Made With Pens

People who love photographs made with pens, will love my new book. Even people who love photographs will love my new book. See why everyone is clamoring for Tommy Kane's incredible collection of drawings, titled, "All MY Photogrpahs Are Made With Pens." Link to buy here.

Mar 21, 2018

Squirrels Against Guns

I'll be at the march on Saturday. Look for me in a tree along the route.

Mar 19, 2018

The Pen Is Mightier

In the right hands, the pen can be mightier than the camera. If you haven't bought my new book, "All My Photographs Are Made With Pens," then now is the time. My book is filled with 600 Mighty drawings. You won't regret buying it. Here is the link.

Mar 16, 2018

A Chicken In Every Pot

The U.S. government estimates that approximately 4 million birds are scalded alive at slaughterhouses each year.

Mar 15, 2018

Dog Bowl

My latest ceramic creation. A dog dish. Everybody wants one.

Mar 7, 2018


The great Parka Blog reviewed my new book. Here is his written review.

Feb 27, 2018

Ceramic Buttons

These are ceramic buttons I made for my wife, Yun Lee. She knits, so these will come in handy.